We met Nika in 2016 when she was enrolled into our education scholarship program. She was an outstanding and confident student who worked very hard at both school and home. However, the unstable income of the family kept her situation fragile and vulnerable to extreme poverty.

Nika never gave up on her dreams and graduated grade 12 and is now receiving a University Scholarship through AusCam to attend Mekong University where she is studying Law. Her family and community are very proud of Nika’s accomplishments, always offering their support and encouragement for her to achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Among her peers, she often takes a lead in the class assignment because of her confidence and capacity. Her lecturer and classmates often ask her to lead groups and give presentations in class.

Today, as Nika continues her studies, she is also very valued member of our AusCam team working as our Communications & facilitation assistant.

AusCam has always been there to support Nika and her family and provide care, mentoring, and social welfare assistance during their most difficult times. When times have been challenging, we have provided emergency packages, school materials and regular emotional support. Crisis support is important because without it, even a short-term emergency can change a girl’s future forever. So while her crisis is relieved, she can continue to gain her education, build her self-reliance and confidence, and fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer.
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