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COVID - 41 days later

In just 41 days, what started as a simple relief effort has turned into an organised and strategic operation to save girls in Cambodia.

COVID - 91 days later

91 days after we launched an emergency response to COVID-19 in Cambodia, more than 250 girls are safe and over 1,000 people have the supplies they need to continue investing in those girls.

From lockdown to university

A post-COVID world is closer than you think. Start rebuilding it here and don’t let a $50 shortage of food determine the rest of a girl’s life in Cambodia.

Sweetheart: A film about freedom

In an effort to educate a nation of girls about their rights, this film follows the true story of a young girl (Malin) as her boyfriend takes advantage of her and lures her into trafficking. And also how one phone call to AusCam Freedom Project could have changed everything. We couldn't change the story of Malin, but we are changing the stories of hundreds of girls each day by preventing trafficking and exploitation.

Sophea: Changing Her World

Sophea was one of the original recipients of an AusCam scholarship. This is her continuing story and the impact we are having in Cambodia.

The Freedom Line

See how the Freedom Line is providing a lifeline during a crisis and helping to bring safety and protection to young women and girls.

Sophea's Dream

Sophea's Dream is a snapshot of the life of one Cambodian girl determined to overcome the obstacles facing her and build a better future. This short documentary was filmed by UK film maker Ross Harrison for AusCam Freedom Project, to highlight the work being done empowering girls through education in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

🏆Cause Film Festival 2015 - (Australia)
🏆Best Film - Runner Up
🏆Public Voting - Winner