Youth collaborating for a safer Cambodia

Youth Collaborating For a Safer Cambodia

In September, 20 of AusCam’s sisterhood of change agents and 20 students from Temple Christian College joined forces this weekend, working together to create the guidance for a computer literacy course that equips young women to run campaigns.

They spent a full day together, connecting, team building and working. The highlight of the day was working together in small groups that engaged in a computer course hackathon. In addition, the different groups shared their experiences and lessons from community service actions – they truly inspired each other. There is something incredibly powerful, hopeful and challenging about getting young, committed change agents to work together and find ways that they can have even more impact into the future.

It was a day filled with full memories and experiences, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants. There was fun too – the photovoice of the event that the youth created showed a story of cross cultural engagement, overcoming language barriers (thank you google translate) and learning how together we are wiser and smarter!

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