Each girl we work with is unique, so our work has to be unique too. We believe in individualised support and we are committed to journeying alongside each girl and her family to prevent trafficking before it begins. Here is one example:

Neath is 16-years-old and lives with her mum and stepsister. Her mum works at a garment factory and recently left her husband when he became sexually inappropriate towards her kids. Her mum started working longer hours to make ends meet and pay for Neath’s education but she quickly started borrowing money and accumulating debt, and Neath was often home alone raising her baby sister because no one else could.

Things got tough, but fortunately Neath’s mother knew about AusCam’s Freedom Line — the first crisis helpline in Cambodia for adolescent girls. Neath received food supplies, phone data, school materials and other basic items. And because we believe that building a protective environment is more than providing for material needs, we  collaborated with local authorities and developed a safety plan for the family and our social workers checks in with Neath. When Neath’s stepdad found out the family’s location, we were able to quickly relocate them. 

We also build a protective environment for our girls through education, and thankfully Neath’s mum values its power to unlock safe employment and stability, so we enrolled Neath into our Shine Centre and gave her the space to focus on her studies. 

Neath is now no longer home alone and is thriving in school. She is at the top of her class, has many healthy friendships and is excited to start high school. We are committed to Neath’s safety and success, knowing she and hundreds of other girls will use their opportunities, choices and freedom to do remarkable things.

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