We want all girls, everywhere, to be free from trafficking and exploitation.

Our Mission

Ending trafficking and exploitation before it begins by protecting girls, especially those at high risk

Our Vision

For all girls, everywhere, to be free from trafficking and exploitation

Our Focus

To build resilience in, equip and empower girls and young women so they are protected from, and prevent Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE)

How We Do It

Through our three core programs of Protection, Empowerment, Career development, and the mobilisation of a Sisterhood of Change Agents

From victim to survivor

We use a 24-hour messaging hotline, a social media chatbot, and a Risk Assessment & Response Tool. These help us to identify and support survivors of exploitation. We provide crisis intervention, such as:

  • Counselling

  • remove exploitative material from the web

  • Enable perpetrator investigation

  • Medical care

  • Legal aid

From survivor to resilient

We support girls through longer-term case management that actively engages their families. We connect girls with each other to prevent exploitation by building: self-awareness, confidence, and life skills, and we walk with them to ensure they have the opportunity to continue an education at school, university, or through vocational training. Career counselling and placement then allows them to find safe and meaningful jobs. Girls and young women move from being at risk to becoming resilient and empowered, helping them navigate potentially dangerous situations.

From resilient to a hero

Resilient young women, with a passion for helping other girls and young women to be safe, become heroes as they design and lead campaigns online and offline. As they help others, they are building wise and safe behaviour choices into their own lives too. With your support, we will help these heroes to be big sisters and mentors to others, to be citizen researchers and awareness raisers, and to find a multitude of creative ways to influence and protect their peers.

Multiplying heroes Sisterhood of Change Agents

We help heroes – we connect them, build their capacity, help them grow in their confidence and leadership, and create a community of leaders who have a powerful vision and identity. We connect them with other organisations to be able to advocate to local and National Government and we leverage technology to maximise their voice. We, with your support, are catalysing a social movement that creates lasting change, protecting tens of thousands of girls from exploitation.