End Trafficking Before
It Begins

Equipping and empowering girls and young women so they are
protected and safe.

AusCam Freedom Project is an international anti-trafficking organisation preventing the abuse of girls in Cambodia. More specifically, we identify girls at high risk, provide immediate protection/intervention and then invest deeply in their education and ability to transform their communities.

Right now, girls in Cambodia are facing a new and rapidly growing
threat. Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) is estimated to directly
impact 11% of Cambodian children, some 160,000 lives that are
traumatised and damaged each year - and this number is multiplying.

Our vision is for all girls everywhere, to be free from trafficking and exploitation.

We achieve this mission through:

AusCam Protection
AusCam Empowerment
Career Development

Too many girls in Cambodia have become victims of abuse that could have been prevented. That is why AusCam protects those at highest risk by creating safe spaces for them to report their crisis, get help, and feel empowered.

Traditionally we worked in schools and local communities, but the landscape is changing, and right now we need safety online. So we have a renewed focus.

We prevent sexual exploitation by identifying girls at high risk, providing crisis interventions to reduce their vulnerability, and then helping them to build their skills, confidence, and resilience for the future.

Support girls so they become young women doing remarkable things.

Alone we cannot stem the flood of this exploitation and the devastating effect it can have on young lives. However, with your support, we will develop and amplify the connections, courage, and creativity of young women equipped as a sisterhood of change agents to raise awareness, run campaigns, and advocate for safety.

It’s only with thousands of voices, reaching thousands of girls, and calling them to actively protect themselves and their communities that this threat will be overcome.

Stories That Matter

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This is all possible thanks to our partners around the world!