Sovanny is a 17-year-old girl who has dedicated herself to her studies despite the challenges. Her parents are divorced. Her mother remarried and migrated to Thailand with her new husband to find work, leaving Sovanny and her half-sister in the care of her stepfather’s family. The grandmother constantly asks Sovanny to drop out of school to help earn money, while the aunty demands Sovanny to stay home and look after her daughter.

But Sovanny is part of AusCam Freedom Project and surrounded by a support network that helps counteract the pressure she’s feeling from her family.

Despite all of her barriers, Sovanny never misses school and was elected by her peers as a group leader in her AusCam Girls Club. Because of her dedication, she has been rewarded with the opportunity to attend various AusCam-organised events like the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) event where Sovanny discovered her love for technology. Sovanny has now learned how to build a calculator and wants to follow her passion to find a career in information technology.

AusCam’s financial and emotional support, matched with Sovanny’s incredible determination, is allowing her to pursue the skills and knowledge she needs to build a better life and change the world around her.

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