We live where nobody would like to live. It’s a small temporary house on a sewage plot. Nine of my family members all live in a small dingy room. The owner allowed us to make this temporary shelter if we would look after the property for him.

Except for me and my sister, all of my siblings have dropped out of school earn money and I thought I would, too. We have never had enough food to eat and our house became a very unhappy place.

Just before I dropped out of school, I met someone from AusCam. The team there felt so welcoming, like I found my happy place. I told them everything, shared about the things I worried most about and about my dreams. They gave my family a monthly food allowance if I promised to stay in school. They even paid for my school supplies and helped me find a safe part time job to I could help my family. The AusCam team mentored and supported me. They gave me the courage to keep going forward.

Now I’m a first-generation university student (received a scholarship!) and I’m working full time, earning more money than my entire family. It’s difficult to balance a full-time job with my school work, but AusCam is still here. I feel so proud of how far I have come from the place where I didn’t think I had any other options.

I told AusCam I no longer wanted their financial support to that they could spend that on another girl in need, but I know they will always be here for me.

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