Every Story Matters.

We started with the need to protect the girls in front of us. We continue to exist for girls everywhere.

Meet some of our young women who are doing remarkable things!

Meet Sreyneang.. One of our University Graduates! When we first met Sreyneang in 2014 she faced many challenges and although life was hard, she

Each girl we work with is unique, so our work has to be unique too. We believe in individualised support and we are committed

Daneh is a university graduate and assistant manager at a large company in Phnom Penh. But not too long ago at the onset of

We met Nika in 2016 when she was enrolled into our education scholarship program. She was an outstanding and confident student who worked very

Change agents share vision with her Excellency . On the 2nd October, two of our amazing Sisterhood of Change Agents presented their lessons and

In September, 20 of AusCam’s sisterhood of change agents and 20 students from Temple Christian College joined forces this weekend, working together to create

Mearoday, 17, leads a six-member team ‘Girls for Safety Online’, a group of young women reaching thousands of girls through creating awareness-raising videos, campaign posters and an online quiz.

We met Sorphea at the height of the global pandemic. She lives in a small house with her mother, father and brother. Each day

We live where nobody would like to live. It’s a small temporary house on a sewage plot. Nine of my family members all live

Last year we started the Freedom Line, the country’s first hotline specifically for adolescent girls and their families. It was in response to the

Sovanny is a 17-year-old girl who has dedicated herself to her studies despite the challenges. Her parents are divorced. Her mother remarried and migrated

Malis came to AusCam Freedom Project in Year 11 of high school. She comes from a poor family in the province of Cambodia, but her

It’s in times like these as we watch fear come over Afghanistan, the virus still hurting Cambodia, and instability on every channel, when we