A day for us humans

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It’s in times like these as we watch fear come over Afghanistan, the virus still hurting Cambodia, and instability on every channel, when we start looking for the ones wearing the “humanitarian” name tag. Help.

Are you a humanitarian? You probably are but don’t know it.

To many of us, the word humanitarian sounds big. It sounds sacrificial. A humanitarian sounds like someone who would be friends with Mother Teresa. 

It’s a name tag that few of us can wear because humanitarians save lives.  

They alleviate suffering. 
They intervene to protect. 
They are relentless. 

AusCam has never been known as a humanitarian organisation because our name tag says “anti-trafficking”, but we prevent trafficking because we want to save lives, too. 

We want to alleviate suffering. 
We want to intervene to protect.
We are relentless. 

We actually hope our greatest contribution will be in empowering those same girls who were once at great risk to become the next generation of humanitarians — concerned with the welfare of others; who act when they’re needed to protect those in crisis.

If a humanitarian can simply be someone who is concerned with the welfare of their fellow humans, then perhaps we can all put on a new name tag. 

Happy World Humanitarian Day.
Keep being human.

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