Mearodey & Mariza Global Girls leading our world

Mearodey & Mariza Global Girls Leading our World

We are so incredibly proud of two of our inspiring young women leading the way to bring hope, safety and a bright future for their peers and community. Being selected as members of Global G.L.O.W’s Girls Advocacy Committee.

Each year, Global G.L.O.W. welcomes girl advocates from around the world to join our Girl Advocacy Committee. These Representatives, who have developed a foundation for their advocacy skills in GLOW Club, join monthly virtual meetings to discuss challenges girls are facing worldwide while learning with fellow youth advocates and advancing their plans to positively impact their communities.

Girl Advocacy Committee Representatives annually make girls’ recommendations heard at United Nations forums such as International Day of the Girl and the Commission on the Status of Women.

Learn more about Mariza & Mearoday below…

Global G.L.O.W. is a US based nonprofit organization that creates and operates innovative programs to mentor girls to advocate for themselves and make their communities stronger. Learn more here.

“My name is Mariza. I am 17 years old. My future hope and dream is to be a girl who can find solutions for issues in my community and my country as a whole. In addition, the thing I look the most forward to about being a representative to the Girl Advocacy Committee is understanding more about the issues other countries are facing related to gender equality and ways to address those issues. Moreover, I hope to advocate for girls in my community and around the world by sharing knowledge about the power of girls and gender equality by posting on social media like Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. I will be sharing what I learn from GLOW Club with the girls in my community too. Additionally the skills I hope to gain from being a representative to the Girl Advocacy Committee that I plan to bring back to my country are leadership skills, communication skills, and advocacy skills.”

“My name is Mearodey. I am 17 years old. In the future, I hope that I could play a role to support people anywhere, especially girls in my community to pursue their dream. I also want to build a public library, the biggest one in Cambodia, so that students can read lots of books there and do research on their assignments. By being a representative to the Girl Advocacy Committee, the most thing that I am looking forward to is hearing about girls in other countries, such as Africa. Moreover, I want to learn more about international events that are being prepared by Global G.L.O.W. and UN Women. I hope that Ican share my vision with the girls by doing campaigns in my community and the countryside as well. I am really excited to be part to the GAC as I hope to gain many skills as much as I can. Some of these skills include leadership skills, public speaking (not only in my community but also around the world), critical thinking, communication skills, working as a group, and how to plan events.”

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