Meet Sreyneang.. One of our University Graduates!

When we first met Sreyneang in 2014 she faced many challenges and although life was hard, she never gave up on her dreams. Her parents had recently separated leaving a heavy burden for her mother to support Lida and her younger brother on her own. They rented a small room to live in and Lida’s mother sold vegetables outside the family home. Unfortunately the burden of paying school fees and uniforms became too much and Sreyneang was asked to drop out of school. Lida heard about AusCam and introduced herself and shared her story to our social worker who was visiting her school. That day changed Sreyneang’s life.

Following 8 years of support and mentoring from AusCam, Lida graduated in 2022 with a 4 year degree in Khmer Literature from the Royal University of Phnom Penh… a step closer to her dream of becoming a Khmer Literature teacher.

Fast forward to day and Sreyneang is now working part time as a peer mentor with our Glow Club (Girls Club) and is also working as a Khmer Teacher with another very large NGO in Phnom Penh.

Sreyneang is the future of Cambodia.. the new generation of strong, independent, resilient young women. All it takes is for someone to believe in them and provide the opportunities… they do the rest!

“ Without AusCam support, my dream would not have come true. AusCam has helped me a lot more than I expected. Education has value to me today. Without education I would not be where I am today, feeling the way I do about myself, and doing what I love the most.”
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