Katlika & Mearodey ‘Sisterhood of Change Agents’

Katlika & Mearodey ‘Sisterhood of Change Agents’

Change agents share vision with her Excellency .

On the 2nd October, two of our amazing Sisterhood of Change Agents presented their lessons and experiences to a crowded room of NGO’s and Government leaders at the Himawari hotel in Phnom Penh. They held the room captive as they spoke of hope and empowerment that can create online safety for the 160,000 children estimated to be impacted by Online Child Sexual Exploitation in Cambodia.

During the OCSE learning workshop, sponsored by Family Care First, with USAID funding, Mearodey, the representative of “Girls for Safety Online” and Katlika the representative of “Power of the Girls” campaign groups shared their experiences and journey of becoming campaign leaders who are actively reaching thousands of young women.

They talked about the campaign incubators, communications workshops and the challenges of coordinating and working in new ways together. They shared their hopes and the inspiration that they found in being leaders, in working together, in serving and protecting others and in stretching themselves. These change agents shared their heroes journeys and the way that AusCam Freedom Project has supported, equipped and empowered them.

Her Excellency, Sambath Sokunthea, Deputy Secretary General for Cambodia National Council for Children and Ms. Tan Sodany, Head of ICT Policy Department of Ministry of Post and TeleCommunications were among the audience who affirmed the important role that youth have in the fight against exploitation. Together, the Government, youth, NGOs and families have the power to make Cambodia a safer place!

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